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What up?!? My name is James. This is my first homepage, so if it's not that good tell me how I could change it. Be sure to sign my guestbook. And check out my pages below.
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My Favorite Places

2pac R.I.P.: This is my brother's homepage. It's cool. So check it out.
Tripod: Great place for a free homepage.
Tupac Shakur Headquarters: This site has many resources on Tupac. Updatedly frequently.
Tupac Tribute: This guys site is phat. He also let me use pictures from his site.
jonboy69's Page: This is one of my very good friends pages. It's really cool so check it out
CixxPac's Sound Archive: This is the best site on tha web for Real Audio Sounds. This is one you definately need to check out.
Hip-Hop Cool Site Of The Week: This page gives people awards for having a cool hip-hop page.
NikeChic's Page: Great site. This chic is cool.

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Mad Ups to my boy ILL fx for tha phat graffix. He is tha OG of Pimp'in 97'graffix. Go check tha page or email him at

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